Field of Flowers

A sweet, light, delicious cocktail that tastes like drinking flowers!

Perfect for Mother’s Day and brunch!

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Candied Cranberry cookies

Candied Cranberry cookies
These are my contribution to the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

To me, holiday cookies should be distinct from the-rest-of-the year cookies. Of course I’ll happily eat anything I’m offered, but what I want to make are spicy or minty or eggnoggy or extra decadent or winter fruity.

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Chicken with Apple Sauce

Lately everything I make is either too simple to share, someone else’s recipe, or photographs hideously ugly (probably because of my dark kitchen and the sun setting mid-afternoon). But this recipe is too delicious not to share, with or without  a picture.

It’s chicken breasts in a savory apple sauce (not to be mistaken for applesauce) which I’ve been serving over mashed potatoes or sauteed garlic spinach.

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Kitchen Sink Quinoa Salad

Kitchen Sink Quinoa Salad

I have a confession. I love leftovers. Like, a lot. I have been known to make or order too much food specifically so that I will have leftovers. I LOVE leftovers.

But some leftovers are more exciting than others. It’s not all cold Pad Thai and macaroni and cheese. Sometimes you have cooked broccoli and baked chicken and the end of a container of grape tomatoes that need to get used up before your next grocery run.

This is a great way to liven up those leftovers. It’s great because it’s totally customizable to your tastes and what’s taking up space in your fridge. Everything is optional!

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